How Top Companies in Qatar Hire Foreign Manpower?

Qatar has been on the super highway of progress ever since the discovery of one of the largest oil and gas reserves. While exporting the most demanded energy resources to many foreign countries, the Qatari government has resolved to develop the country on the lines of international standards and no stone is being left unturned in this connection on part of high authorities. Hundreds of multinational companies have opened their franchise offices in Qatar in various sectors including engineering, finance, telecommunication, transportation, hotel and media. To fulfill their operational needs, they have to hire personnel from abroad and to do this requires a completion of hectic process involving visa allocation, sponsorship and other liabilities.

Getting an Allocation

First off, the top companies in Qatar, assuming they are properly registered with company ID numbers, apply to the Ministry of Labor for an allocation of a specified number of manpower according to their need. They have to specify the prospective staff by gender, nationality and job responsibilities of the individuals.

It is not necessary that all allocation requests are positively responded. The Qatari government reserves the right to issue visa for some particular nationalities rather than the others. The basic objective behind acceptance and decline of certain allocations is to maintain a well proportional spread of diverse nationalities in a country where the host nation itself forms a minority.

Application for Visa Issuance

Once top companies in Qatar acquire allocation permit from the Qatari Ministry of Labor, they submit an application to the Immigration Department seeking work visas for the prospective employees. The selection process particularly interviews take place in parallel to the allocation process; and this is usually held by recruitment agencies in Qatar. The recruiters are requested to find the individuals holding nationalities specified in the allocation permit. Once this process is complete, the work visa is issues and the hired person is required to join the top companies in Qatar within 3 months.

Arrival of Manpower

After the top companies in Qatar get legal permission of hiring foreign staff, the prospective employees arrive in Qatar and undergo another process of acquiring the residence permit as well as the work license. Residence requires passport photographs, finger printing, blood test and a complete medical examination. Generally it should not take more than one week or maximum two weeks. During this process, the individuals need to observe some legal restrictions relating to their ability to have a local driving license, bank account, or a private phone line.

Employees’ Sponsorship

The employer sponsors the residence for his employees. A working individual is required to only work for his employer’s company. Given that he desires to fly back to his own country, he will have to request his sponsor for permission which, if he agrees, is applied for by the sponsor and finally granted by the immigration department. Depending upon the company’s hiring terms and conditions, they may be allowed only one exit and return or multi-exits during a year.

Sponsors are Responsible

When employers at top companies in Qatar become sponsors of multiple employees, they automatically come under the legal obligation for being responsible of their employees’ every action. This is the actual reason of getting sponsor’s signature for almost every requirement of living, like purchasing a vehicle, applying for utility connections and telephones. Resultantly, the sponsors are held liable in case the sponsored employees leave the country with unpaid utility bills.

Employees and their Families

While working in top companies in Qatar, an individual earns a handsome amount of salary and can easily afford inviting his family from his native country. Families are by default sponsored by the employees themselves. This is why families sponsored by employees are not bound to first get the exit permit; they can freely enter and exit. Why, then, only employees are controlled by their sponsors is due to the assumption that they may cause a damage to the business whereas their families cannot do so and therefore have no concern at all to be sponsored by the employee’s sponsor.

Changing Job and Sponsor

Generally top companies in Qatar do not permit their potential employees change their jobs. However, it is not always impossible. This can be done if top brass of Qatar companies are generous enough to issue a no-objection letter. This condition is fairly justifiable on account of maintaining employer’s company position in the competitive industry. Nevertheless one should be cognizant of the fact that this permission is made only thrice during a complete visa period.

Role of PROs in Top Companies

Generally top companies in Qatar have good Public Relation Officers who are well versed in the area of legal hiring requisites. They keep themselves abreast of where certain pitfalls lie and how to handle the intricate foreign hiring process. Top companies in Qatar prefer having Arabic speaking PROs who are friendly, hardworking, familiar with the legal requirements, and aware of their changes in interpretation, if not actual substance. Having PROs with friendly links with government officials can prove highly beneficial in the solution of various hiring issues concerning foreign manpower.

Role of Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies in Qatar usually match the best talent with the top companies in Qatar seeking manpower to fulfill certain positions. Recruiters normally have a pool of candidates that can fit in various sectors as per their qualification and job experience. Moreover, these agencies endeavor to solve the companies’ staffing requirements by hiring local as well as foreign manpower meeting the employers’ expectations. At the present, recruitment agencies are increasingly outsourcing Public Relation Departments for discharging the hiring solutions in a most professional and swift manner.

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