The Most Effective Staffing Solutions

The role of staff in any organizational setup is of primary and fundamental importance. If the members of staff are well educated, sufficiently trained, religiously committed, and most importantly worth their salt, the organization they are working in will definitely make excellent progress and yield ideal results.

What is Staffing?

Staffing is a broader term that covers a set of processes ranging from the initial recruitment to the final evaluation of staff members with respect to their particular jobs and responsibilities. Since staff is an evolving component that never remains constant: people come and go or simply rotate within an organization, the need for staffing solutions increases manifold.

Importance of Staffing Solutions

In an era characterized by robust competition and technological revolution, staffing solutions have to be strictly purpose oriented focusing on the unique business requirements of organizations. In other words staffing solution is a talent engine that helps an organization attain it competitive advantage over its contemporaries.

Being a talent engine, staffing solution interconnects certain process like interviewing, hiring, testing and the like. Following are some relevant major points that must be taken into consideration especially by Human Resource departments while seeking staffing solutions.

Temporary Staffing Solution

Temporary staffing is perhaps the best viable solution for short-term business requirements. Being a head of hiring department, you should allocate some time to ascertain whether the responsibilities of the position you are going to create will remain the same or not. In the latter case where chances are that job responsibilities are bound to change or finish, hiring a temporary staff is highly effective and much better than inducting people on permanent basis.

Similarly temporary staffing proves productive in case an organization has to fulfill staffing gaps caused by extended absence, maternity leaves, sabbaticals or other leaves in which the employee is sure to return to his or her position. In addition to keeping the wheel of your organization moving, the temporary staffing solution offers virtually cheaper induction as compared to permanent staffing because you do not need to pay insurance and offer other incentives to the temporary staff.

Temporary Leading to Permanent Staffing

Sometimes organizations or businesses are in the need of hiring professional manpower on permanent basis but they simply don’t want to run the risk of hiring wrong people and subsequently incurring business loss. In such cases temporary induction leading to permanence is a practical staffing solution that gives the recruiters enough time to judge the performance of their employees and to make safe decisions. However, it is essential to permanent the efficient staff without hanging a sword of Damocles, in the form of termination, over their heads.

Permanent Staffing Solutions

Hiring permanent staff is one of the most common staffing solutions that seek well talented individuals who may discharge their job responsibilities in the long term. Usually, the cream of the crop is permanently hired. In business, for example, the policy makers, and senior executive officers are hired permanently because here other methods of induction do not work effectively.

One typical reason is that the temporary staff will not be motivated to take a stand in a company for helping it out to achieve some goal; it is so because he himself is not feeling his job secure and how can such a person make critical decisions in the favor of any company. No doubt permanent staffing solutions are more expensive that that of other methods but at the same time, this strategy helps the given organization yield far more promising results.

Evaluation and Elimination

Constant evaluation of the staff in any organization is a must if the setup has to achieve some goals. Because doing work and doing productive work are two entirely different phenomena, the employers need only such a staff as can produce as much benefit as it can. “Time is money” is the famous maxim which is regarded as a criterion for analyzing whether the person is producing something or not. So an employee, performing a particular task that has no contribution for the success of the organization, is considered to be a dead wood for the organization and he is more probably to receive termination orders.

A good manager needs to evaluate if the employees are working productively or not. He should periodically use performance evaluation reviews to determine whether the strategic plan for his department or organization is met by the performance of employees. However, if any employee does not contribute to achieving the organization’s mission, he needs to be expelled and eliminated and his vacant place should be filled immediately to run the business affairs in a smoothly manner.

Shared Employees

If at any time you need to induct a new employee but the problem is that you are running short of budget money, you can manage the situation by sharing an employee with another department or division. For instance, if you are looking for a person who can write marketing communications, you may be able to informally share some person from the human resource department who can discharge both responsibilities in a fairly justifiable manner. So in this case, the qualified candidate for a communications manager would spend half of his time on writing marketing communications and the second half on writing human resources communications.

Use a Recruitment Agency

A related, though not direct, staffing solution is to hire the services of recruitment agency to do the job of inducting new staff for you. Whereas new technologies as well as the demands of customers are continuously moving forward, you may be in need of help from some trusted experts. In this connection Ally International can be taken as a trusted partner, one that is committed to serve its clientage with quality and competitive hiring services. Its specializes in such fields as financial services, consumer products & services, professional services and technology; for a long time it has been providing the job-owners with well competent and highly professional staffing solutions that meet the expectations of company owners.

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