How a recruitment agency works

Most people are afraid to let a recruitment agency help them get a job. The major reason for this is that people don’t really know how recruitment agencies work and they are afraid to be charged for the services. Well if someone is going to say a recruitment agency doesn’t charge you for helping you get a job, such a statement will definitely raise a few questions. Obviously people are going to be surprised for there hardly are any organizations that do something for nothing. If they do have something to gain, what is it exactly, considering that they help you get a job and yet they charge you nothing at all. Well in order to answer all these questions we are going to look at how recruitment agencies work.

A recruitment agency is an organization that is established to help connect job seekers to companies looking to recruit workers. A recruiting agency helps a company get the best man for the job. They can do the job of human resources management by helping source employees. Since they are doing the companies a favor they in turn charge the company that is hiring you. So you will not have to pay for a thing for the company hiring you would have got it all covered.

A recruitment agency depends on the number of job seekers they have in their database and that means the more job seekers they have the more business opportunities they will have. Once a recruiting agency has a database of job seekers they then concentrate on advertising the human resources they have. They invite companies to open up accounts with them and browse through the database in search for experienced personnel. Companies will be charged a certain fee for browsing through the job seekers database. If they do come across someone they are interested in the two parties come to an agreement. Once a job seeker gets employment whatever deal was struck between their new employer and recruitment agency will not affect them in any way.

Some recruitment agencies form continuous relationships with the companies they deal with. Instead of charging the company as soon as they get them an experienced person qualified for the job, they will allow the person to work for a certain period. This allows the company to assess the performance of their new employee during the probation period. If they are satisfied with the employee’s performance then they can pay the recruitment agency a certain percentage calculated against the employee’s monthly salary. Other agencies will not charge for a specific employee but a company may pay monthly subscriptions which keep the relationship going. These relationships thus make it much easier for recruitment agencies to find placements for job seekers on their database. That is why recruitment agencies are very efficient at helping people find jobs.

There are two types of recruiting agencies. These are the traditional agencies and the online agencies. We will look at the two kinds of agencies and see how they operate.

Traditional recruitment agencies will require the person looking for employment to visit them in person. A job seeker will be required to come with hard copies of their résumé, identification documents and certificates. These will then be filled. The recruiting agency may want to interview the job seeker in order to make an assessment of their capabilities. A traditional manpower agency is good for you can easily become the number one candidate if you come out with flying colors in an interview. So whenever there is a job vacancy your name will be at the top of the list. This kind of agency has its disadvantages. The disadvantage it has is that it can only cater for people within its region. People that are located far may not be able to get to it or even hear about it. This will then limit the size of their database which will also reduce the number of companies they can provide candidates for.

Online recruitment agencies are a bit different. They allow job seekers to post scanned documents of their identification documents certificates and a soft copy of their résumé. Job seekers are allowed to make a profile for themselves in which they can describe some of their qualities and what an employer can expect of them. These websites will then rank you according to years of experience and profile. If you have a good profile you will have better chances of getting employment fast. An online recruitment agency is much better than a traditional one, for they advertise you across the globe. Online recruitment agencies can get you regional as well as international jobs because their network is not limited, it is global.

Some recruitment agencies have become more specialized in a certain niche. For example there are recruiting agents that specialize in helping get IT graduates employment. Niche specialization allows a recruiting agency built a name for itself which will in turn attract more clients towards it. Recruiting agents that do not specialize in a specific field may lower their performance rating due to some fields that may be having less job placements. It may therefore be better to deal with a recruitment agent that has a field of specialization as you will stand higher chances of getting employment.

A manpower recruitment agency also thrives when the people they get jobs for perform excellently. Some recruitment agencies have built a name for themselves through the human resource products they supply. Companies end up building trust in such agencies such that whenever they need employees, be it for temporary or permanent basis they always turn to their trusted business partners. If you want to get employment real fast it may be wise to deal with such agencies. Identifying reputable recruitment agencies is not really a difficult thing to do. On the internet you can view some reviews on recruitment agencies. From the reviews you will be able to identify the leading giants in recruitment and these are the ones you would like to deal with.

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