Head Hunting

Head Hunting in regards to recruitment is explained as the process of seeking out the best possible match for an opening, by finding the candidates that fit the profile with surgical precision and are not actively seeking a career change.

These candidates are normally one of the top most achievers in their current organization and are so comfortable in their current position, that they do not actively seek a career change which might bring them more growth in terms of experience as well as enhance their current profile.

Ally International specializes in helping our clients find these rare breed of professionals and boost their employee mix by bringing in some of the best professionals from their Industry, who add tremendous value to their team as well as to the organization’s bottom line.


Our headhunters would initially understand the exact requirement of the opening and with constant contact with the client etch out the complete details of the required profile, qualifications, mind set and leadership qualities the candidate should possess. Once the same is established we would conduct an in depth research of the industry and shortlist a list of competitors who possess possible candidates that match the profile.

Leveraging our vast experience and network of contacts this candidates would be identified and made aware of the opportunity thus, giving them a choice which they weren’t even aware of or were actively seeking out for.

Our Headhunters

Our team of Headhunters have strong experience in placing candidates for senior positions which affect the complete organization or a crucial department.  Our Headhunters are chosen for their relevant industry experience and their standing in the industry which ensures access to a large network of senior professionals which in turns is maximized to identify some of the best talent out there.

Ally International’s team of Headhunters are especially proficient in identifying the right candidate for a revenue generating department, and have placed a number of candidates with strong history of revenue generation in their previous organization.