Our Global Reach

In today’s world, Organizations can only be successful if they have a global presence. They need candidates from a variety of nationalities and with experience from a multitude of countries. Which helps not only to maintain a diversity in your employee mix but, gives your team an exposure to different leadership styles and management approach. Ally International although being a recruitment agency in Mumbai – India, understands the need of our clients to have access to candidates from around the world, and have continuously worked on expanding our reach to improve our services.

Ally International, since 1979 has been one of the pioneers of International Recruitment.

Our Team

Over the years our team has built a strong reputation for finding the right candidates not only from India, but from a variety of locations. We have successfully placed candidates from US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and many other countries apart from India.

Innovative Technology

Ally International has always been on the forefront of using innovative technologies to expand it’s reach for best candidates for an assignment. Our team has been able to successfully harness the power of the web to locate the most suitable candidates for our clients. Coupled with our state of the art database which is regularly updated we are able to complete assignments for a number of locations requiring candidates from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

Regions We Cater To

Middle East