Recruitment Agencies Tips – Resume Writing

The maiden intimation between recruitment agencies and the aspirant candidates take place through resumes, a formal document presented by job seekers giving details about their background and skill sets. Typically, resumes consist of academic achievements and details about experience in the relevant field for which the candidate is going to apply.

What appears to be the most important step about resume is that it must be written in a fairly comprehensive and effective style, as the employers usually receive a bunch of resumes and choose only those candidates for interviews and tests whose resumes appear to be impressive and appealing. It is therefore essential to take into account all of those facts that need to be taken care of while writing appealing resumes.

Following are some of the tips which will help you write a relatively distinct and engaging resume.

Write Resumes to Land for Interview


Learn the basic objective of writing resume; it is written not to get a job or position, it rather calls upon the employer to consider you as a prospective candidate and call you for the interview. Here the famous proverbial statement “First impression is the last impression” proves true. If you show that you are extremely desperate, for instance, to get the job, it will convey a negative impression on employer and you will end up with rare chances of getting to the interview stage. So avoid frequent use of “I” pronoun, and extremely humble phrases such as “I am desperate”, “it is my humble request”, “you will not disappoint me” and many others that incite sympathy on the mind of readers. Such style of writing will fetch you no positive response from employers; they would give opportunity to other candidates who had presented their case in a justified manner.

Justify your Strengths and Skills


While writing resumes people often tend to infest it with a host of sublime words to express their personal qualities and strengths. Avoid using highly bombastic and eloquent diction without justification because it will sound as if you are inflating the place without logic. Sentences like “I am a highly devoted and committed person” and “I can manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously” sound superficial and pompous.

What you should do here is to augment, justify and second your strengths with allusions to your performance you have made so far. You can divulge whatever relevant achievements and awards you have acquired. The gist of the matter is to promote your skills in a balanced and justifiable manner, one that can urge the reader to think of you as a prospective employee.

Hit the Right Keywords to Grab Attention

Today most of the recruitment agencies are using digital data bases to explore the candidates. They do so with the help of major keywords relating to a particular job. You should include such keywords in your resume as are common and prevalent in the job field.  Imagine if you have not mentioned important key words in your resume, you are pretty much dead in the water even before the game starts. Update your knowledge about hot keywords for the job you are pursuing.

In most of the cases, these keywords are nouns emanating from the job description and are relevant to the actual job position. For example, “distribution control”, “marketing campaign” and “cross-functional management” are some of the key words originating from the job specific or industry specific skills.

Avoid One-Word or Two-word Titles; Use Delimited Titles

Since the employers have to scrutinize a slew of resumes to determine who will be the best suitable candidate for the job, they very often give them a bird’s eye view and give value to only those resumes that have successfully grabbed their attention. Titles play very important role in attracting the attention of the readers; it is advisable to use delimited titles, not single or double word titles. Lets say “management” can be a title; a relatively better title will be “information management”; however both are distracting for they can be used in a number of connotations. But replacing the same title with, “management information system projects” will not only narrow down the meaning but attract the reader’s attention as well. The bottom line is to make effective, meaningful and divulging topics rather than confusing and distracting ones.

A Little about Resume Format

Having discussed how a careful choice of words works a great deal in acquiring the consideration the employers, it is apposite to mention some important aspects relating to the format of resume.

  • Include all the four essential components that make a complete resume; these include your contact information, academic profile, job history and skills. All should be given balanced and due space in the resume.
  • The resume is a brief introduction to your personality in connection with your suitability for the desired job. The shorter a resume, the easier it will be for employer to know about you.
  • Make sure that your fonts are easily readable. Use a single font throughout your resume. A mixture of fonts will look odd and strange. ¬†However, you can increase the font size for titles/ headings. Use title case, not capital letters all over your resume. Your goal should be to assist the employer to read about you as quickly as possible.
  • Your resume should be a complete whole. Information may be given in proper proportion giving extra space to more important section and connecting different parts of the content. A coherent resume will reflect that your personality is also coherent.
  • Avoid irrelevant and unnecessary information. You can skip your experience in fields irrelevant to the job you are applying for. Similarly, stick to the four essential components of resume. Do not mention your hobbies, your favorite games or other such information for which the employer has no concern.

The bottom line is to present your strengths, skills, expertise and achievements in a comprehensive and attractive way. The key to do this is to be simple, balanced and justifying.

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