Our Global Reach

Organizations worldwide, share the pursuit to attract individuals of exceptional skill to join their operations. Businesses, which have strategically designed their management with the help of well qualified professionals, have experienced significantly  improved overall performance and highly constructive changes in management approaches. As a result, we feel that such people ought to be searched just like the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Ally International has been in the Executive Search & Recruitment Industry since more than three decades and have completed numerous assignments for various companies in Qatar. We have sourced and placed some of the most qualified senior professionals in a variety of delicate as well as crucial opportunities. Our track record of recurring assignments with completely satisfied clients is the most important testimony to our performance.

middle east recruitment agencies Although we utilize a number of Recruitment Agencies in Qatar, Ally International has always been one our regular go to recruitment agency and are dependable for the their excellent support. middle east job consultants

- Recruitment Manager, A Consulting Company Based in Doha, Qatar

Pay Only For Success

Our service fees will be billed only on successful recruitment of an applicant introduced through us.

Making sure that our solutions are cost effective and also competitive we bill only once the applicant has joined your company. We also provide a free substitution guarantee for the duration of eight weeks. Should the applicant leave within this time period or is not found suitable by you and relieved of his / her responsibilities we would substitute the selection free of charge.

Local Nationals & Bilinguals

At Ally International, we understand that several roles can ideally be only performed by an individual possessing substantial knowledge of local traditions and cultures, or at the same time having a superb command on the local language. We have on a regular basis supported our clients’ demand for having applicants which are either natives or bilinguals and have successfully closed numerous assignments demanding the same.

recruitment agencies in middle east Our Marketing department’s need of candidates possessing Arabic skills have regularly been filled faster by Ally International than other recruitment agencies in Qatar we have empaneled.

We highly recommend their services and use them for every assignment. recruitment agencies middle east

- Sr. Manager – HR, a Reputed Local Bank Based in Doha, Qatar

Our Team

Our global sourcing team & strategic headhunters in conjunction with our advanced search strategies & industry connections are able to present you with suitable applicants matching your needs – ALWAYS!

Our team effectively understands your manpower requirements; head hunts the applicants with the ideal profile and builds trusting relationships. With their industry knowledge, they understand that organizations today need more than a skilled candidate. Our team understands that companies today reach for individuals who are productive, display a positive mindset and have the ability to be part of their team.

Our Innovative Approach

Recruitment is most effective where the applicant population is defined and identifiable. Working at middle to senior management level, we establish client relationships carefully, research their corporate cultures extensively and analyse applicant profiles meticulously to ensure cultural compatibility and a successful match.