Ally International and Top Echelon Recruiting

Ally International employs a crack team of dynamic executive recruiters. These recruiters are hired and trained to provide you with the best possible employee options when your company has launched a job search.

Each individual that works at Ally International has faced the same challenges that their clients experience, when trying to source the right candidate. That’s why we have the most comprehensive list of A-Z employee search solutions – that work in the real world.

We investigated many recruitment agencies in Oman, and after careful consideration decided to hire Ally International to fill our VP position. It was the right choice.

President and CEO, Large Bank Based In Oman

Executive Recruiters and Your Business

You already understand the value a reliable workforce lends to the daily functioning of your business. But when you reach middle and upper level management, these decisions should not be made lightly. Men and women who lead, train and hone the skills of their teams are crucial to the future growth and success of your business.

Ally International is widely known as an executive recruitment firm that makes the process of sourcing qualified candidates easy. Not only this, but when the candidates are installed as leaders in your company, they produce better short and long term results. We filter applicants according to our unique sourcing process.

Finding and Proposing Candidates

You’ve spent years building your business, and have taken the time to understand every facet of your business model. That’s why our recruitment consultants take great care in providing you with a short list of candidates that would be ideally suited to your available position.

We begin with a broad search, attracting candidates through many different platform streams and promotional techniques. Then we conduct an in-depth analysis of each candidate – measuring their past performance, qualifications, conduct, successes and leadership ability, until we are sure that they are a perfect fit for you.

Of all the Oman recruitment agencies we approached, Ally International was found to be the most cooperative, with the right ideas about executive candidate search.

HR Manager, Leading Construction Company, Oman

Matching Personalities Within Working Business Models

A lot can be said about the professional conduct of an executive, or the way they choose to educate, lead and expand the businesses they work for. The key factor in sourcing and matching such candidates with your position, is our ability to reach the heart of the people we interview and screen.

The best work environments are inherently harmonious, like a delicate ecosystem working towards a single purpose. We want your proposed candidates to be introduced to your workforce, and immediately feel at home there. That’s why we believe personality profiling is just as relevant as experience or drive.

The Benefits of Our Screening Process

An executive recruitment firm like ours is expected to lighten the workload for you, during this important time of expansion or replacement. It’s not up to you to have to wade through information and sort through long candidate lists. This can be frustrating, and it will cloud your judgment when the final selection process is at hand.

Ally International uses team based candidate sourcing, which means we have whole teams working towards your eventual candidate goal. We take the guesswork out of executive recruitment, and present you with a concisely produced list of candidates that have made it through our screening process.

The result? You find the right candidate, at the right time, every time.

The Application of Research During Our Process

Because we assign teams of specialist consultants and researchers to your executive candidate search, we are 100% confident in our short list. Our researchers use proven attraction and sourcing techniques to find the right people for your position.

We apply qualified research to prevent employee problems for your business, later on. Digging below the surface, we uncover the most desirable traits and personalities in the employees we screen. With dedicated research like this on your side, you are all but guaranteed a successful long term placement in your business.

Long term human resources make for a better investment overall.

Everything in our business depends on people. We needed manpower consultants in Oman, that could give us a person who would lead a very special team that we’d built over the years. Ally International did this for us almost instantly. We saved time, and money, and were able to quickly move on to achieve our predetermined goals.

Senior Vice President, Engineering Consulting Firm, Oman

Fast, Efficient Executive Search Goals

At Ally International we pride ourselves on delivering an end result that exceeds your expectations as a business owner. We work hard to deliver these results in good time, so that the process does not drag on. Because our sourcing processes are so streamlined, all of this is done fast – which means you can get on with the business of making money.

Our uniquely honed collaborative tactics ensures that you are part of this process, without having to do any of the leg work yourself. As a hands-on business owner your only concern is to evaluate, interview and assign the position to one of our pre-screened candidates.

We are confident that you’ll be impressed by our candidate suggestions, just like many of our long term clients have been over the years.

Once you use Ally International – you’ll never need another executive search team.

A System That Works, and Keeps Working

Our Specialists are able to place candidates quickly, efficiently and correctly. That’s what we do here at Ally International. Our system works, and has been working for the past 30 or so years. We have very high expectations from the executive candidates we assess.

This means by the time they have been sorted and added to your short list, you have a collection of incredible people, ready to take on the responsibilities of your position. People make great businesses possible. For the team members at Ally International, this simple truth defines our business model.

Get the best candidates for your executive position, by partnering with great people. Great people, that will work for your success at Ally International.