Why should a Job Seeker Work with Recruiters?

Looking for a job is not an overnight process. Whether you are actively searching out a job or just keeping yourself abreast of new opportunities, working with recruiters is more than useful not only for your search but also for your marketing efforts.

Following are the top reasons why job seekers have to prefer working with recruiters to hunting jobs on their own.

Shorten the Job Search

Recruiters are equipped with ample resources to conduct a focused recruitment effort by utilizing their extensive database and networks. Years of experience in the recruitment industry make them easily understand company requirements and candidate objectives to put them together as a single team.

Access to More Desirable Job Prospects

Since recruiters are mostly the most trusted hiring partners of the client companies, they often have an access to such top job opportunities as may not even get advertised. Thus to be in contact with recruiters opens up more chances to gain some high level job position in accordance one’s qualifications and experience background.

Get Paid According to your Worth

Recruiters deal with a number of corporations across the country and, therefore, know exactly the worth of your specific talent and skills. They are more likely to match your innate abilities and learned skills to the apposite and competitive compensation.

Open More Doors

Networking is an integral component of a recruiter’s success. This is why professional and experienced recruiters have an extensive list of connections with different companies based in different corners of the country. Applicants can open more doors of opportunities if they hunt for jobs through recruiters.

Career Development

Despite vigorous competition and shrinking job prospects, one can grab many opportunities for professional development and growth, as well as increased salary. Recruiters concentrate on promising companies that are still hiring new talent.

Mutual Confidentiality

If you are seeking a new job opportunity while you are already employed and you want to keep your search a secret, your recruiters will not disappoint you any time as they keep your search confidential and do not divulge your name until and unless there is mutual interest.

What you should Know While Working with a Recruiter?

Recruitment Vs Placement

Recruitment is the process of finding best candidates for an employer as part of a specific search assignment. A recruiter may be either internal or just provide a recruitment service on outsourcing basis. Some are contingent recruiters who get paid a commission upon successful hiring of the candidate, while others are retained recruiters who are generally assigned the task to find out candidates for executive level positions and are likely to be paid irrespective of whether a hire is made or not.

Placement, on the other hand, is a different process of marketing available applicants to a number of employers with an intention to seek suitable employment for them. On account of this difference, candidates need to determine beforehand which type of firm they are going to work with in order to avoid frustration.

Specialization of Recruiters

There are basically two types of recruiters: one, who represent all types of opportunities, industries, pay scales and incentives; second, who work in specialized industries with focused functions in a particular geographical area. It is much better to select a firm that best shares your aptitude, inclination and focus. For instance, if you are looking for a software development position in some foreign country like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain etc, you must work with a recruiter who focuses on your niche and deals with employers based in the above-mentioned countries

Sell Yourself Positively

Set up your resume, polish your cover letter, and dispatch it to the recruiter(s) you have chosen so far. Call and speak with the recruiter in order to draw your image positively and make him think of getting more information about your skills and objectives.

Establish Good Relationship

Get to know your recruiters to make sure they understand you. Ask for feedback regarding your skills and presentation. Clearly state your goals and objectives. Even if your recruiters are not able to place you today, a good relationship will keep you on the recruiter’s radar for the upcoming opportunities.

Be Honest

Be very cautious and never try to misrepresent your skills or qualifications because in today’s world of background checks misrepresentations can be easily discovered at any point. While the firm makes the final decision about your induction, it is the recruiter who locates and evaluates the candidates and is therefore considered to be a stepping stone to the company. So make it your habit to proofread any written communications and treat yourself professionally in all interactions with your recruiters.

Practice Good Communication Skills

Recruiters are very conscious of the way you communicate your ideas and thoughts. So always be professional and courteous, and keep them in the loop. If you are not interested in a specific position or the timing is not suitable, decline promptly but very politely. Also tell the recruiters the reason why then you are already applying so that there is no duplication of efforts. Confusing the employer or wasting their time will likely urge them to move onto the next candidate.

Never Approach the Company after Bypassing your Recruiter

Companies contract with recruiters and assign them a recruitment task to handle certain qualifications and logistics. If you seem to be the right person for the job, the recruiters will themselves present you to the company and then provide you with the follow-up opinion of their client companies. If you bypass the recruiters and go around the company directly, you will likely end up your relationship not only with the recruiter but with the company too.

Follow-Up but Don’t Annoy

Good follow-up is not only a professional courtesy but also sends out a testimony to your interest. Good recruiters do not avoid providing you with feedback as available. However, carrying follow-up to the extreme is really a bad gesture for your job search. If a recruiter does not respond, it may simply show that your particular experience and talents have not a current match. Anyways, keep in mind that successful recruiters are present on the phone throughout the day and earnestly look forward to leading you to a successful hire.


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