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The executive search team at Ally International, are seasoned professionals when it comes to finding and placing strong candidates. We take the time to fully understand your placement parameters, before executing any search processes. This clear communication is what sets us apart as a professional recruitment firm.

From detailing your requirements, to creating a recruitment plan of action – Ally International are true leaders, in providing exclusive staffing services to businesses globally. After your initial consultation, we will assign your executive search to a highly effective team of in-house recruiters.

Job consultants in Bangalore can learn a lot about professionalism from Ally International. At no point during the search did I ever feel the need to step in and take control. They know their business, which made choosing someone easy. I would recommend AI to anyone that wants results-driven placement. 

President, Information Technology Company, Bangalore.

Breaking Down The Search Process

A key factor in the success of our proven executive processes is market intelligence. Every market is different, which is why we make it our business to understand the corporate climate you are operating in. Our executive search consultants act as strategic advisors for your business, informing and advising you about the correct procedures required, to secure your ideal candidate.

Based on the knowledge we glean from your consultation, we create a custom set of prerequisites to use as the basis of our executive search. Once we are clear on what you need, we implement tried and tested recruitment techniques. Using our networks, advertising, head hunting and more, we source candidates that would suit your position.

The staff at Ally International are friendly and assertive. When I compare them with other placement consultants in Bangalore, there is a distinct difference.

For one, they actually found me an executive that was better than I hoped for. Service delivery with a smile.

That’s all I can ask for. 

Sr. Manager Human Resources, Multi National Software Company, Bangalore.

Connecting With Client Needs, a Turnkey Solution

If your business is expanding, either in a new country or with a new department – you’ll need specific turnkey staffing solutions to ensure continued business growth. At Ally International, we strive to fill all of your available positions with the best executive candidates. Leadership and management ability are only two parts of the entire picture.

We search for reliable, competent, sociable individuals that will be able to handle the pressures of this expansion. It just doesn’t matter if we have to place one, or five people – each will be carefully screened, tested and added to the short list, based on the merits you have given us. If you need to find several management level employees, Ally International will make sure each one of them is a valuable asset.

We’ve had some trouble with overseas job consultants in Bangalore, placing three executives in the past. When we approached Ally International for our new division, they promised to provide us with viable, suitable candidates for each position. After hiring, these candidates proved to be exactly what we needed.

Ally is now our permanent partner. 

Senior Vice President, Financial Consultancy, Bangalore.

Custom Solutions at Any Level

Because Ally International has been placing executives for over thirty years, we have a unique perspective on finding and placing individuals in your business. Sometimes there is no formula, or process that would suit your staffing requirements. A very large part of our service profile, is also to provide you with customized solutions.

These custom solutions are created after consultation and analysis of your prerequisites. We understand that some solutions won’t work in specialist fields, which is why there is often a need to be creative and think laterally. Ally International will use our experience and collaborate with you to find the perfect fit.

For flexibility and applied custom recruitment solutions, choose Ally International as your reliable placement partner.

Finding Rare, Exclusive Placements

In the event that advertising or traditional executive search methods would be ineffective in finding you a competent candidate, we investigate the process of head hunting an applicant for you. This means we will search through competitor lists, and uncover which key people in current positions would function especially well in your new position.

These placements affect every part of your business, from the ground up. They are usually very high level executives, with extremely specialist positions. In this instance, we will confidentially approach targeted executive employees, and offer them the job. Speaking directly to these talented, experienced individuals, often results in a move – to your business.

After addressing my concerns with many HR consultants in Bangalore, I came to the conclusion that Ally International had the level of commitment I needed to find a great Senior VP. The process was fast, and at the end of it I had found a reliable candidate, and a reliable recruitment company. Well done Ally International. 

Founder, Food Conglomerate, Bangalore.

Our Outstanding Service Profile

Ally International consistently work on improving customer relationships. Because of this, many of our clients become long term, which saves them a lot of time and money when a new position becomes available. We believe that in order to secure success for any business, the act of hiring new employees is paramount.

One strong leader has the potential to drastically improve your revenue, inspire the best from your teams, and come up with lucrative ideas that you can use. With the right leader taking charge, you can move your business in the right direction. There will be a trickle down effect, as younger managers learn from your candidate.

Our outstanding service profile covers all of your bases. Ally International promotes success in everything we do, and every person we place.

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