Hiring Manpower through International Recruitment Agencies

Over the time, the concept of global recruitment has gained unprecedented momentum. This trend has been considered to be a boon both for employers and employees, with the first taking advantage of multinational skill while the latter expanding their vision, exposure and professional value.

Today most business companies do not hesitate to fill the vacant positions with overseas staff in their attempt to meet the growing business demands and increasing skill shortage. Only a brilliant team consisting of skilled personnel can keep a company stand distinguished amongst its competitors.

Since international recruitment is an important decision involving multiple financial issues such as labor visa, employees insurance, accommodation and medical, it has to accomplished in a rightly manner. A wrong induction is a recipe of failure that eats up the already productive business within no time. Therefore, it is a wise move to hire the services of international recruitment agencies, which can act on your behalf and choose the right staff meeting your requirements.

However, recruiting overseas manpower will be a promising and rewarding act if it is done through an appropriate international recruitment agency. At the present a number of recruitment agencies claim to be the best in the market but mere claims and superficial testimonials are not simply enough to gauge their real worth. This write-up is intended to give you a comprehensive insight into the salient key points, which ought to be taken into account while signing a contract with an international recruitment agency.

International Presence

An international recruitment agency with high reputation in different locations across countries, cities, and provinces is a safe bet. Be very careful while signing up with an agency having a single office location, as its international status is somehow questionable. Ask them about the companies they have so far worked for and cross check if their claims are authentic.

Many companies claim to be of international scope and entice a number of clients. Then how they provide services is that they pass the buck to another larger company and try to meet the client requirements. There might be some agencies using the same strategy and having a good track of success but most of these companies end up filling job positions with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Professional Experience

Secondly, inquire about the international recruitment agency if it has relevant experience in the recruitment agency. By experience we mean two different things: one, experience pertaining to the recruitment process which involves advertisement, screening, short listing, interviews, skill evaluation techniques and many others; second, the experience of handling overseas manpower, which includes the knowledge of labor laws of the countries the applicants hail from, visa issuance terms and other information related to immigration. You must consider this aspect before looking for a recruiting agency for overseas manpower recruitment.

Honest Consultation

An experienced and well established international recruiter will be ready to offer good, objective, and honest advice. It would be much better if your recruiter is able to provide you relevant information that is in your best business interest, preparing you what to expect and how to handle the overseas staffing issues in the light of his past experience.

You can also judge critically the competence of the international recruiting agency through his consultation skills. If he is willing to meet you one on one for at least half an hour responding to each and every query of you in a friendly and professional manner, take it as an indication that you have come to the right person for international recruitment.

Check References

To make sure you are choosing the right agency, you must carry out a complete reference check of the recruitment agency. Ask them to provide you with client testimonials and case studies of individual clients so that you can confirm their authenticity. An authentic agency will immediately furnish the required information. Needless to add, you should follow up the information and critically evaluate what the clients say about the recruitment agency you are going to choose.

Also keep in mind that some clever agencies provide the testimonial of those clients who belong to foreign countries, with an intention to block your cross-checking attempts. However, you should not be shy of demanding a reference for a local client belonging to your own country. This is an easier way to verifying the legitimacy and the recruiting experience of the referred business company.

Online Visibility

Official websites of recruitment agencies and their presence on various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the like reveal their public image in front of you. A fake company does not interact with its customers through different channels fearing their fakeness will be identified by one person or the other. Besides, this public interaction will also reveal how reputed and popular the company is amongst its clients. It should go without saying that clients do not hesitate to give their honest review of the services on the internet, limiting the chances for any company to entice you fraudulently.

Customer Care Service

International recruitment agencies with quick turnaround time for email and telephone queries are in fact discharging their professional responsibilities seriously. Response on part of these agencies can be anything including phone calls being answered in a professional manner; email etiquette; and regular updates on websites. To have your queries answered in a timely fashion is an added benefit for you to have a smooth sail in the entire process.

Competent and Experienced Consultants

The consultants of international recruitment agencies are the actual persons dealing with employees on your behalf. Thus how do they conduct their business is a good reflection of the business image and principles followed by the company. In this regard, you need to evaluate various aspects of consultants’ performance. These include performing professionally in all respects, being well-informed about clients’ industry, and being able to listen and offer advice appropriately. Since they are going to represent your company, you need to ensure if they are worth representing your business and thereby attracting the appropriate skills to your business.

Ally International

is a well known international recruitment agency, which has been providing top notch recruitment services to its clients for the last three decades. The agency is committed to filling job positions lying vacant in your organization with well talented candidates who can take up their responsibilities in a professional manner, leading your organization many steps ahead of your competitors.

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