Hire Professionals to do Headhunting for Your Company

Headhunting can appear to be one of the most trying and challenging experiences for business owners. Whereas unemployment is increasingly growing high, finding suitable candidates with quality experience is becoming ever more difficult. Studies show that over 30% of information provided by job applicants on their resumes is misleading and counterfeit. A high number of job searchers are going through predatory interview tips and techniques and making it possible to grab mission critical positions in businesses regardless of their qualification and relevant experience. What happens at the end of the day is that unqualified hires cause a business more than the annual cost of the employee’s salary, in the form of failed sales and too much training costs.

Headhunting is a Time-consuming Process

Filling vacant posts in a company can take weeks for entry level positions, and months for middle level managerial or upper level executive positions. In the meanwhile, many workers, managers or executives are forced to take up the responsibility of unfinished work created by this empty position. An understaffed company can put existing workforce in such problems as longer work hours, client frustration, anxiety and depression.

Professional Headhunting Services

Fortunately, there are a number of headhunting individuals and companies that can professionally alleviate much of the frustration and hassle associated with filling a vacant position. Finding high quality candidates should be assigned to well experienced and professional headhunters who know the ins and outs of headhunting and are connoisseur of matching the most relevant candidates with the positions. While using a professional headhunting service, it is likely to weed out a long stream of unqualified and unsuitable candidates quickly, leaving only the most talented and qualified individuals for hires.

How Headhunters Work?

Recruiters providing headhunting services can actively locate most suitable personnel from a list of sources. Though many companies simply avoid hiring frustration by inducting high level staff from within, a headhunter can easily figures out talent from a wide variety of sources. They persistently and thoroughly keep an eye on social media networks, online websites and industry publications to maintain the record of individuals who are making the most outstanding and successful impact in their respective industries. Many of the employees who can be the best suitable matches for vacant positions may not be actively involved in a job search, and therefore must be persuaded by headhunters to consider opportunities outside their present companies.

Benefits of Professional Headhunting

Professional headhunting results in many benefits for an employer with reduced liability being at the top. A small provocation done by business owners can leave them in a situation to defend themselves from job applicants, workers, and clients who will sue them in courts. During the very hiring process, a simple charge of biased unfairness leveled by candidates can cost a company millions of dollars, and can also damage the reputation of both the company and its managers. Similarly, many human resource departments may unintentionally ask discriminatory or illegal questions during an interview. Since it is very vital in a judicious society to follow safe hiring practices and interview techniques, professional headhunters must be contracted to at least collaborate with internal human resource management team to chase the best candidates for a job.

Search and Choose a Headhunter

As an employer, it should be your top most priority to look for experienced and highly professional recruiters who have been headhunting successfully for reputable companies. The importance of this consideration grows manifold in case you are operating your firm in some foreign country like United Arab Emirates. If you do some research to find a new headhunter cautiously, you will be able to choose the one who is fit to understand and take into account your requirements as well as the needs of your business.

How to Contract a Headhunter?

Following are some aspects that you need to take care of before you go about signing a contract with any headhunter.

Ask about Headhunting Methods

Ask the prospective headhunter to discuss his headhunting methods with you. This is where his or her experience will come to surface. A headhunter with ample experience in the field will be able to tell you, for instance, how he conducts search for prospective candidates, preliminary screening, interviews and eventually how he makes his final decisions.

Learn about Professional Contacts

Also talk to your headhunter regarding his professional contacts. A good headhunter will be definitely having a large list of contacts within different industries and job sectors. The wider the network, the better he will be at his task. You can also enquire about specifics within the headhunter’s experience. For example, ask for occasions when he had to face a tough deadline or accomplish a significantly challenging task. Pay attention to the given answers that may include certain methods which he used or how well he tried to handle the situations.

Share your own Headhunting System

Make sure that the headhunter comprehends your company’s recruiting metrics, if pertinent. Normally, companies put their own analytical methods in place in order to screen candidates. If you have such methods already devised, introduce the headhunter to your screening and evaluating system and ask questions as a follow-up to determine if he understands and can utilize your system well.

Extract some more information about the types of jobs or candidates the headhunter generally hunts for. For example, if you want your headhunter to scout out the most excellent and brightest senior level executives, experience pertaining entry-level recruitment is perhaps not going to work effectively.

Build Relationship with Headhunters

And finally get to know a bit about the personality of the headhunter. Spend some time just talking with him on his professional goals and inspirations. Since you will have to work closely with the headhunter to get through the hiring process, ensuring that your personalities match with each other and that you feel comfortable working with him are extremely important.

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