How head-hunters in Dubai work

Dubai is the hot spot for all types of jobs these days. Excellent infrastructure, people friendly environment and the ability to make a good earning is making Dubai the most preferred destination amongst many different job seekers. Some go there just to make money while some move off there permanently with their families. For getting your dream job in Dubai, it is better to go through the head hunters in Dubai

Head-hunters in Dubai are similar to recruitment consultants. They work closely with companies in order to provide them with suitable candidates for their staff. Essentially they act as the point of communication between companies that are looking for candidates to work with them and candidates who are looking for a job. It is the head-hunter’s job to make sure that the right candidate gets placed with the right company and both are happy after the placement.

These head hunters or their firms are retained by corporate clients to find the most suitable candidate to fill a particular role on a fee basis. This type of search is normally used for jobs of a senior level. The head hunters in Dubai aim to provide the clients with the best candidates available for their business. There are many large firms that employ such head-hunters in Dubai. These firms work on an international basis across different sectors and roles. There are also smaller firms that operate within the boundaries of specific industries.

When a client company has hired a search firm and told them about its requirements, they have a great deal of expectations from the firm. They expect the head hunters working there to understand exactly what is required and help them to achieve outstanding results through correct placement of candidates.

Most often, these head-hunters work in a specific way. The process they follow primarily is to approach the concerned candidates directly and judge for themselves whether the candidates are competent enough or not and what are the skills that they possess.

This is normally the process that most head-hunters follow:-

  • They first need to understand the company’s organization, culture, strategy and its products/services.
  • They then craft and set up the job description according to Client’s request taking care that the description matches the client’s culture, organisation and activities.
  • The head hunters then go through the process of elaboration of targeted and potential long list candidates: industry, function and region focus
  • They contact the candidates and organize interviews with them
  • They conduct in-depth reference checks at later stages of the search process
  • They introduce three to four short listed candidates with their complete files
  • They then help the Client to make his/her choice and to finalize the offer to the selected candidates
  • They conduct the negotiation with the candidate on behalf of the client.
  • They then follow up of the candidate while he joins his new job.

Throughout the entire process, the head hunters in Dubai will be in frequent contact to keep the companies informed and provide information to the leading candidates as well.

With regards to the importance and the challenging requirements of the position the head hunters conduct a direct search assignment. They can approach the suitable candidates upfront, based on this search. The head hunters define each executive search project as a unique consulting engagement and they tailor their efforts accordingly.

Description of the exact post.

The complete description of the exact post or vacancy is normally used while discussing with the candidates.


Research, long list and shortlist:

After the client’s approval of the description of the vacancy and the plan put forward by the head-hunter, they get to work and start searching and finding those candidates whose resume and skills set match what is required. Based on the criteria established, the head hunters conduct original research to develop a target list of prospective candidates and sources. This effort will be directed primarily towards the same industry of their Clients. For most positions, the head hunters conduct their search activities in the region where the client is and where the candidate is supposed to work in.

Candidates’ Interviews:

And once the candidates have qualified, they will be interviewed by the head-hunters so that they can understand completely everything regarding their background and make sure that they fit the specification given by the client. The head hunters then short list the candidates as per who firs best. Simultaneously, the client is kept posted of all the developments.

The content of the interviews will also cover a presentation of the Client as an attractive company and a discussion about the position requirements as specified. The head hunters normally inform the candidates about the recruiting and assessment process and they also ensure that candidates understand the need for multiple interviews during the selection process. The head hunters take care and not propose any of the short listed candidates to other companies till they are rejected by the client in concern.


For each candidate who is classified as qualified for the position, the head hunters will prepare a Confidential Candidate Report Evaluation and forward the information to the clients for further use.


Reference Checking:

The head hunters normally follow a practice of directly contacting persons who have or had working relations with the candidates, presented. The head hunters in Dubai perform in depth checks of the candidate’s reference to ensure that the correct candidate is provided to the companies.

Communications and Follow Through:

Throughout the entire process, the head hunters are in frequent contact to keep the client informed and provide information on the leading candidates. This also provides an ongoing opportunity to discuss, on a timely basis, any changes in the marketplace that may have a bearing on the outcome of the assignment. Once the search is completed, the head hunters maintain contact with the client and the newly hired person to offer any advice as required. This is to ensure that not only a smooth transition is made in the early months into the clients end but also that the executive or senior manager is performing at the anticipated level.


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