The Ally International Recruitment Process

At Ally International we have spent decades collecting knowledge from client experiences, industry procedures and long term results – and are pleased to offer you a streamlined recruitment process of unparalleled efficiency.

We take this process and apply it to your individual needs, resulting in highly successful placements that last. This means we strike the correct balance between corporate experience, credentials, leadership ability and personality in our candidates. And it’s all for your benefit.

Your Detailed Client Brief

The first step along the path to completing another successful placement, begins with the client consultation. Communication during this entry level process is key, if we are to find your ideal candidate. That’s why we compile a detailed candidate profile, based on the information that you provide our team.

But this profile is never complete. As we continue to discuss options, we make notes about your intentions, ideas and hopes in your client brief. By extracting the right information from you on an ongoing basis, we are able to pinpoint executives that would suit a 3 dimensional view of your position.

Along with these details, we add important industry requirements that act as your first filtration layer. Factors like their work experience, compensation package, educational background and successes in your niche.

Ally International will actively provide you with detailed progress reports, further enhancing our commitment to client service and transparency.

Sourcing The Best Executive Candidates

We have a number of tried and tested processes that we integrate into your candidate search. These processes allow us to tap into home-based sourcing, by first running a search through our exclusive database. This often helps us identify unique candidates in your specific location, that might suit your executive position.

But this is just the first search process. On your recommendation, we also implement several other sourcing techniques that both attract and uncover individuals that might make it onto our shortlist. Using one or more of these techniques, we ensure that your search exhausts all possible means of sourcing the best candidate for your job.

Our specialist sourcing methods have helped us place thousands of executives in niches all over the world. Whatever your goals, Ally International will meet them head on, until you have found who you’re looking for.

The Client Shortlist

Identification of appropriate candidates, helps us gain a greater understanding of what your short list will eventually look like. This short list is the culmination of all of our work, and the most important part of the recruitment process. It’s from this top tier list, that you will select candidates to interview. Eventually, you will choose one highly qualified person from this list to fill your executive position.

To compile this list we begin to review the most promising candidates, and go through their work history in detail. By contacting each of these people, we are able to glean a better understanding of their potential role in your company.

Suitability is our main priority at this stage, and that means compiling an extensive profile of each candidate. We also update their resumes, and add a personalized appraisal of their career, including their strengths, weaknesses – and any other relevant talents that would be beneficial in their new workplace.

Once the shortlist has been compiled, we take it even further. On request, we test each candidate using an advanced psychometric evaluation process, which determines suitability on a greater level.

Finally when all evaluations are complete – we hand you the information. You are then able to make an educated decision about the selection process.

The Interview and Hiring Process

Ally International’s involvement doesn’t end at the shortlist. To guarantee suitability, we also facilitate the one-on-one interviews, between you and the candidates. By briefing both parties before the meet, communication during the interview is enhanced. Once it’s over, we are able to discuss any concerns raised, from the candidate, and from our client.

If required, we are able to negotiate the compensation package for our clients, to ensure both parties achieve a positive end result.

The Follow Up

Ally International likes to check in on successful placements, to make sure that everything is going as planned. For this reason, we contact you after three months – and invite all feedback from both parties about the experience.

The relationships that we form with our clients extend beyond the recruiting process. That’s how we’ve managed to nurture long term relationships with clients from many niches. If you’re looking for a recruitment company that will guide you through every stage of the hiring process, contact Ally International today.

We’re your partner in client sourcing, hiring and long term executive placement.